Eating well while on a budget is something several people struggle with. Nobody wants to feel like they are fasting and suffering just because they’re trying to spend less on food and that is exactly the aim of this article; to help you eat healthy on a friendly budget.

  • Cook at home

Cooking your meals, yourself is a way cheaper option than buying food out. This is especially great as you can decide to try out recipes and just be generally creative with your meals. If you go to work, pack lunch from home instead of buying food at work. All of these will serve as a great way to cut down your spending on food.

  • Plan your meals

This may seem minor, but it is especially important. Planning meals helps you make the best use of your foodstuff and gives you a better idea of the things to buy when you go shopping as opposed to just buying as the spirit leads. This doesn’t have to be a set and rigid food timetable (except that’s what you want of course). Feel free to be spontaneous from time to time.

  • Stick to budget

Does this have to be repeated? Stick. To. Budget. It is easy oh, quite easy to draw up a budget. True test of strength comes in sticking to the budget. When you go shopping for your foodstuff, you will see other appealing things you didn’t plan to get. Face front and keep it moving. Except it is an absolute necessity that you just forgot to include to your list, try as much as possible to not buy any extras. I explained the 50-30-20 budget rule here and I know it will be of help in deciding how much to spend on food. You can do it, you won’t flop. Your God does not wear flipflops *wink.

  • Cook in bulk and freeze

Buying things in bulk is a cheaper option. You can purchase your foodstuff, cook in bulk and freeze. This will help you save time and energy as you don’t have to cook up fresh meals daily. Also, it makes it easy to just whip up a quick fix when hungry instead of getting tempted to buy food.

  • Don’t buy Junk

I suppose you don’t know how much money you spend on junk. You don’t even have to purchase big things like a tub of ice cream, it can be that plantain chips you buy every now and then that is “just 100 naira” but imagine putting in that 100 naira daily into our DigiKolo savings app. In a month you would have saved 3000 naira and changed. It may seem little but extra 3000 naira saved>>0 naira. I mean, have a little treat now and then but if you’re trying to watch your spending then these things should be kept to the barest minimum, okay?   

If you’ve been trying to eat on a budget but have been trying and failing or you are just about to begin, I hope this was of help. As always, I’m rooting for you.