So we started a series called “Digi Money Series” where we will share people’s different stories involving money. Some will make you cry or laugh, others will make you roll your eyes or scream in wonder. All the time, it will be Interesting.

Here’s our first story:

“One beautiful 2009 morning, I woke up to the familiar squeak of my spring bed. I was fortunate to wake up early in order to get ready for the day, ahead of my hostel mates.

I hurriedly took my bath, got ready for school, had a meal at the dining hall and walked with my friends from the D-hall to our class area; we wanted to make it to class just before assembly which always took too much time than usual.

My main gist starts from our walk. The dreaded days of owu (fondly coined from the book “the women of owu” as a period where there is lack) was here. At this time of the school year, all provisions and pocket money was exhausted and I could tell you for free… girls were broke as hell. 

As the sharp girl that I used to be, I used to have some extra cash stashed away with my guardian and I was glad my owu days were not here to stay as I was scheduled to see her that afternoon. 

Fast forward to the afternoon, she gave me the rest of my money and in the spirit of happiness, i decided to spoil myself with suya and agege bread. I did not also want to share it so I secretly called one of the young children that live at the staff quarters to help me get it. He looked so young and na├»ve and I knew he was going to get the job done well, afterall that’s how we normally send them to get us stuff from outside since it was not just illegal to go out of the school gate but also contraband to us borders. 

I gave him N500 (it was big money then) and instructions on how i wanted my suya and bread made. We then agreed that i was going to wait for him at a corner near the back gate of my school. 

I remember it like yesterday. 

I was salivating in the corner, waiting for him to come… that’s how my 30 minutes turned to 45, then 1 hour, 2 hours… till i couldn’t take it any longer. 

I cried hot tears back to my hostel and told no one of my experience for fear of mockery.

Till this day, i still randomly think about how a supposedly innocent young boy could do that to me… to my hard earned savings. I guess that was my first money related lesson. Never invest in something you do not know, hahaha”
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